Put tamariki first

The amazing role of parenting

You are doing the most important job there is. It’s rewarding, but sometimes it’s tough. This Children’s Day we encourage families everywhere to treasure their children. When you’re a parent that might mean:

  • Making sure your kids have the things they need.
  • Look after yourself so you can be there for them. It’s good to take time out to be you. There are some nice tips on Barnardos' website
  • If you’re a dad, there’s so much you can do to make your child feel like a taonga. See fathering – the best job on the planet for fun ideas
  • Learn about positive discipline. This job never came with a manual and knowing some tricks of the trade can make life a whole lot easier
  • Listen to what kids say on the Children's Day Facebook page. They fill us with inspiration everyday

Whānau and friends supporting parents

We all have a role to play in treasuring our children. No one needs to do the big job of being a parent by themselves. Friends and family are the best people to lend a helping hand.

  • Be there. Sometimes a listening ear and some practical help is the best kind of support. There are great ideas for helping parents on the SKIP website
  • Give praise and encouragement – to the people doing the most important job there is

“Honestly, the best thing for me was one time I was so stressed out, and my mum said to me, ‘You’re doing a great job, you’re a great mum.” Kiri – mum and daughter

  • Share the load

“As parents we all have different needs. My friend down the road is a single mum, so we have her boy over every Wednesday, just to give her some time out. But she helps us out by looking after my girl when we’re working.” Rochelle – mum and friend

  • Be a pair of eyes for tamariki – there’s a useful saying ‘five pairs of eyes on under fives’. When children are little, it’s easier for families to become isolated, and need some extra help from the people around them.

Communities back Children’s Day

Organisations everywhere are showing their support by organising Children’s Day events for the children and families in their community.